Propeller Reseal & Inspection


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Propellers have a recommended Time Between Overhaul (TBO) period that includes calendar time as well as hours of operation. The hours recommendation is due to wear of parts and stress fatigue due to hours of use. The calendar recommendation is due to aging of seals and lubricants and the forming of corrosion. Most people will reach the calendar limit well before they reach one-third to one-half of the hour recommendation.

When you send your metal or composite propeller to an FAA certified repair facility, like Stockton Propeller, for your propeller reseal and inspection, you are trusting your propeller to the best. We are a shop of knowledgeable and fully-trained personnel who genuinely understand teardown, inspection, and assembly processes and procedures.

Even if your propeller appears to be functioning very well, internal corrosion—especially if you fly or live in humid climates—could be destroying your propeller. Catch corrosion early with regular inspections!

In order to perform an inspection it is necessary to do a reseal since the prop needs the internal parts inspected as well as the external parts. We take the propeller entirely apart during a reseal, conduct a visual corrosion inspection, and replace all the seals. We dress and repaint the blades and do a final track and balance as well. We look at this as an alternative to an overhaul so we make sure all the parts are safe to run until the next TBO period. If there are any other items that need to be addressed we can do it at this time.

A propeller reseal and inspection is generally about half the cost of a traditional overhaul. This relatively inexpensive procedure can add life to your aircraft’s propeller through the early discovery of corrosion and other detrimental issues.

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We are a shop of knowledgeable and fully-trained personnel who genuinely understand teardown and assembly processes and procedures. Stockton Propeller is not an on-the-job training facility!

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In our service area of northern California and western Nevada, we offer free mobile pick-up and delivery. This complimentary service is especially helpful for FBOs so that the entire airplane can be serviced at once – not piece-by-piece at different shops at different times.

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Our quality control department is the largest, best equipped and best trained single department within Stockton Propeller. We would rather spend our money up front to assure quality than argue warranty issues at a later date.

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