Propeller & Governor Maintenance & Overhauls


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At Stockton Propeller, we offer reliable, dependable, quality overhauls with a strong emphasis on craftsmanship. We perform all overhauls per the latest manufacturer’s overhaul manuals. We replace all needed parts per the manufacturer’s manuals. All service bulletins, service letters, and airworthiness directives are researched and complied with. Stockton Propeller is a full-service shop. Most all processes can be completed in-house, thereby eliminating the time and expense of shipping parts out for service.

We service your complete propeller, governor, spinner, bulkhead, and support system interface. We use a combination of force application devices and manual techniques to repair damaged blades back to specifications or modify experimental propeller blades for extra performance.

When you send your metal or composite propeller and governor to an FAA certified repair facility, like Stockton Propeller, you are trusting the best.

Aircraft propeller governors are essential components of constant speed and full-feathering propeller systems, allowing pilots to maintain the desired RPM under varying flight and air conditions. Damaged or worn governors can cause significant performance or safety issues for your aircraft. During a regularly scheduled engine or propeller overhaul is a great time also to service your governor. Check with your manufacturer for their recommendation.

We disassemble the governor to clean all internal and external components. During this time, we perform a visual and dimensional inspection to detect any obvious surface flaws or damage—such as rust, corrosion, or pitting—that require repair. We also perform non-destructive inspection to detect hairline cracks and other potentially damaging flaws. Without this needed inspection, these defects could cause the governor to fail.
The governor is then reassembled, complying with all appropriate Service Bulletins, and set to the proper specifications.

Because overhauling a propeller or governor is such a detailed, complicated process, it’s essential to find an approved propeller and governor service facility with the right combination of specialized training, tooling, and equipment to service your aircraft expertly.

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We are a shop of knowledgeable and fully-trained personnel who genuinely understand teardown and assembly processes and procedures. Stockton Propeller is not an on-the-job training facility!

Free Mobile Pick-Up and Delivery Within Our Service Area
In our service area of northern California and western Nevada, we offer free mobile pick-up and delivery. This complimentary service is especially helpful for FBOs so that the entire airplane can be serviced at once – not piece-by-piece at different shops at different times.

Our Quality Assurance Department Is Second-To-None
Our quality control department is the largest, best equipped and best trained single department within Stockton Propeller. We would rather spend our money up front to assure quality than argue warranty issues at a later date.

Quality Assurance is not an afterthought at Stockton Propeller!
We offer a no-hassle warranty on all of our work.

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