Stockton Propeller Quality Promise


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The Staff At Stockton Propeller Are Experts in Aircraft Propeller Inspection and Repair

We Are A Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certified Repair Station located in Central California
We Specialize in Full-Service Governor, Metal, & Composite Propeller Overhaul & Maintenance

At Stockton Propeller, we are a full-service propeller overhaul and maintenance facility. We provide our services to individuals, fixed base operators (FBOs), flight schools, and Air Carriers.

We provide technical support and complimentary quotes as part of our service to the local aviation community. Our managers and staff average over 20 years of experience each in aviation and propeller/governor experience.

We are experts in blade overhaul/reconditioning. This technology-based art form uses force application devices in combination with time-proven manual techniques. Our overarching goal is to repair damaged propellers back to specification or modify experimental blades to achieve an extra percentage of performance.

We specialize in simple fixed-pitch metal propellers ranging through complexity to Hamilton-Standard Warbird Propellers and Hartzell Composite/Constant Speed Propellers.

In addition to Hartzell and Hamilton Standard propellers, we also service the following OEMs:

  • McCauley
  • MT
  • Raytheon / Beech / Flottorp
  • Whirlwind
  • Catto
  • Sensenich
  • Woodward
  • Aero Technologies (PCU)

We stand by our commitment to quality, service, and integrity. We value efficiency and craftsmanship. We offer a no-hassle warranty on our work. We also offer free pick-up and delivery in our service area of central and northern California and Northwestern Nevada.

Experience the Stockton Propeller difference today.

Driven By Values, Delivering On A Vision