Stockton Propeller is the best propeller overhaul and maintenance facility in the Central California area.

About stockton propeller

We are designed, equipped, and staffed to promote quality and efficiency.

When you choose Stockton Propeller to work on your aircraft’s propellers, you want service, quality, and integrity. We understand that you trust us with one of the most valuable and likely one of your most expensive investments: your aircraft. 

Highest Standards In The Industry

At Stockton Propeller, we hold ourselves - and our staff - to the highest standards. It doesn’t make sense to choose “just anyone” to work on your prized airplane. We pursue excellence in every project we take on. 

Propeller Repair Partner

At Stockton Propeller, we offer a wide range of comprehensive overhaul and maintenance services for your airplane’s propellers. We don’t just work on small aircraft. We work with individuals, FBOs, and air carriers to ensure that California’s skies are safe.

Locally And Nationally

We offer governor and propeller overhauls, resealing, inspections, and repairs. We work on contemporary aircraft, as well as vintage aircraft and warbirds. We also provide custom blade work for experimental use. If you’re in the local area, we offer free pickup and delivery in our service area of Northern California and Western Nevada.

About stockton propeller

Quality, performance, integrity

Governor & Propeller Overhauls

Damaged and worn governors or propellers can cause significant performance or safety issues for your aircraft.

Propeller Reseal & Inspection

Propeller resealing and inspection can be a cost-saving alternative to a full overhaul, especially when the needed repairs are minor.

Vintage Aircraft & Warbird Repair

Take care of expensive investment with help from Stockton. We can be your quality one-stop-shop for propeller issues and inspections.

Custom Blade Work For Experimental Use

If you’re building an experimental aircraft, it’s essential to make sure you have high-quality propellers. We can help with that!

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